Vins de Vouvray


Vouvray Vineyards

Wines that have so much to tell

Discover the winegrowers of the Vouvray vineyards

The beautiful region of
Vouvray, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a territory shaped by the
Loire, the last wild river in Europe. The winemakers of this appellation have
given their terroir and their grape variety, the Chenin Blanc, a mark of
distinction that resonates throughout the Vouvray vineyards.

The vineyard overlooks the royal river, a natural thermal regulator that has long been a hub of intense activity for wine trading. The Vouvray vineyards’ terroir is a precious heritage, a testament to a viticultural history dating back to the Middle Ages.

Our vineyards spread across several municipalities:

  • Tours,
  • Vouvray,
  • Chancay,
  • Noizay,
  • Reugny,
  • Rochecorbon,
  • Vernou-sur-Brenne,
  • Parcay-Meslay.

Savor our various wines

The wines from the Vouvray vineyards are produced from a single grape variety, the Chenin Blanc or Pineau de la Loire, which gives an original aromatic expression and a remarkable balance. The Vouvray vineyards’ winemakers can produce dry, semi-dry, sweet, and sparkling wines.

The Vouvray region is the largest producer of Chenin blanc-based wines in France, with production heavily influenced by the climate. Colder years favor the production of drier wines and sparkling wines, while warmer years favor the production of sweeter and dessert wines.

Our geographical location offers an aromatic expression, originality, and a remarkable balance allowing the production of:

  • Dry wines,
  • Semi-dry wines,
  • Sweet wines,
  • Sparkling wines.
montgolfière vouvray - Oenotourisme Loire - Vins de Vouvray

Enjoy Vouvray and its surroundings

The universe of the Vouvray vineyards goes well beyond the rich aromatic palette of its wines. The region offers numerous experiences, from garden visits to nights in troglo, from bike rides to rides on the gabare, the traditional ship on which Vouvray vineyards’ wines were once transported.

For gastronomy enthusiasts, Vouvray offers numerous opportunities to delight their palates, while the more adventurous can take off in a hot air balloon in the colors of the appellation and contemplate the ancient terroir.

Discover the surroundings of our Vouvray vineyards winemakers thanks to our region rich in activities:

  • Bike ride,
  • Canoe ride,
  • Discovery of the rabouilleuse,
  • Hot air balloon flight.

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