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Cultivating excellence

The Vouvray appellation runs along for edge of the Loire for over thirty kilometres, to the East of Tours. A unique balance between finesse and complexity arises in this region, which has been listed on the UNESCO world heritage list. The terroir is a subtle combination of natural and human factors, giving Vouvray wines all their typical characteristics. The Chenin grape variety is on grown on the hills for the enjoyment of those who like floral notes or spicy flavours. The magic of Vouvray would not happen without winemakers being daring, who have found ground nestled in the rock that favours excellence.


Ancestral know-how

In 372, Saint Martin planted the first vine stocks in Vouvray. Whether Saint Martin was a visionary or adventurous, he started a tradition that has lasted for more than a thousand years. These days, the Vouvray winegrowing area has almost retained its features and the AOC counts no less than 150 estates. These passionate women and men work around eight towns: Tours, Vouvray, Chançay, Noizay, Reugny, Rochecorbon, Vernou-sur-Brenne, Parçay-Meslay.

Vouvray is unique in two ways

Along the Loire

How can the Loire river be ignored when you’re referring to the Vouvray appellation! It leads you to the terroir, shapes it and invites you to venture as far as the hills. The vineyard overlooks the royal river as well as the adjoining valleys. They drop towards the course where the wine trade has been busy for many years.

At the heart of Troglo

The troglodyte caves came about through an ancestral alliance between humans and nature. They have been dug into the hillside and provide a stable temperature and humidity that enable vinification and wine conservation in the best conditions. It is in this labyrinth of tuffeau stone that Vouvray’s fine bubbles start their ageing and develop their noble elegance.


on one grape variety

Those who enjoy white wine should get their taste buds ready!

Chenin blanc (also referred to as pineau de la Loire), is the only grape variety in the appellation region, and gives Vouvray a thousand nuances. The Vouvray climate, which is at the edge between the ocean and continental weather influences, lends itself to producing wines that are dry, demi-sec or lightly sparkling. Sometimes, depending on the vintage, the climate gives winemakers the opportunity to produce grand sweet wines that can be kept for a long time.

The Vouvray moment

This variety has a wide aromatic palette meaning Vouvray Wines can be paired with many foods, whether a seafood platter, or a cheese platter; Vouvray also goes well with exotic flavours to enhance chicken prepared Thai style. One watchword, dare!


Discover Vouvray

Reducing Vouvray to summing up the wealth of its aromatic palette would mean missing out on a host of things to do. Vouvray has so much to experience: visiting gardens, a night in a troglodyte cave, bike rides… The possibilities are endless. Whereas foodies will give their palates a real treat, the more daring will set out for a ride in a gabare, the flat-bottomed boat on which Vouvray Wines were transported traditionally. During your journey, go up in the world in a hot-air balloon in the colours of the appellation, and taste and contemplate the ripe fruit.

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